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Vegetable Ornaments

Our vegetables are summer's masterpieces. 
When the farmers markets are closed for the season,
 there is no better way to enjoy heirloom quality vegetables.
All of our produce is for your tasting pleasure.

Cherry Tomato Ornament
Cherry Tomatoes Ornament
Price: $12.00 
Garden Tee Shirt
Garden Tee Shirt (Hoe, Hoe, Hoe)
Price: $10.00 
Pink Pickle ornament
Pink Pickle (Tickled Pink)
Price: $9.99 
Green Pumpkin Gourd
Pumpkin Gourd Ornament (Green)
Price: $10.00 
Radish ornament
Radish Ornament (Seed Packet/Large)
Price: $18.00 
Santa ornament garden
Santa's Got Mail Ornament (Gardener)
Price: $25.00 
Brown Snail
Snail Ornament
Price: $25.00 
Snowman ornament
Snow PERSON Ornament (Garden)
Price: $18.00 
Heirloom Tomato Seed ornament
Tomato Ornament (Seed Packet/Large)
Price: $18.00 
Wheelbarrow ornament
Wheelbarrow Ornament (w/Tools)
Price: $15.00 
Lettuce & Tomato ornament
Lettuce and Tomato Ornament
Price: $16.00 
Asparagus Ornament
Asparagus Ornament (Green)
Price: $15.00 
Asparagus Ornament
Asparagus Ornament (White)
Price: $15.00 
Pattypan Squash ornament
Pattypan Squash Ornament
Price: $12.00 
Black Olives
Olive Cluster Ornament (Black)
Price: $12.00 
Christmas Pickle Ornament
Garden Pickle Ornament
Price: $10.00 
Green Italian Beans
Italian Bean Ornament (Green)
Price: $12.00 
Pink Italian Bean
Italian Bean Ornament (Pink)
Price: $12.00 
Pumpkin Gourd
Pumpkin Gourd Ornament
Price: $10.00 
white pumpkin Gourd ornament
Pumpkin Gourd Ornament (Ivory)
Price: $10.00 
Cantaloupe ornament
Cantaloupe Ornament (Seed Packet)
Price: $12.00 
Hot chili peppers
Chili Peppers Ornament (Set)
Price: $10.00 

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