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Valentine's Day Ornaments

What does your love and/or best bud love to do? 
We've selected just a few designs that acknowledge
our passions in life.
We've got you covered for Valentines Day

Cupcake Ornament
Cupcake Ornament
Price: $10.00 
Petit Fours Ornament (Pastel)
Petit Fours Ornament (Pastel)
Price: $16.00 
Picture frame pink
Picture Frame Ornament (Heart)
Price: $6.00 
San Fran ornament
San Francisco Heart (Peace)
Price: $48.00 
champagne ornament
Champagne Ornament
Price: $15.00 
Teddy Bear Ornament
Love Bear Ornament
Price: $36.00 
I Love You Ornament
Luggage Ornament (LOVE)
Price: $15.00 
Chocolate ornaments
Chocolates Ornament SET
Price: $20.00 
pug ornament
Pug Ornament
Price: $15.00 
Fiddle Ornament
Fiddle Ornament
Price: $10.00 
Popcorn tub ornament
Popcorn Ornament
Price: $8.00 
white anthurium ornament
Anthurium Ornament (White)
Price: $15.00 
Hibiscus flower Ornament (Magenta)
Hibiscus Ornament (Magenta)
Price: $22.00 
Pear shaped Diamond ornament
Diamond Ornament (Pear-shaped)
Price: $15.00 
Round Diamond ornament
Diamond Ornament (Round)
Price: $15.00 
Square Diamond Ornament
Diamond Ornament (Square)
Price: $15.00 
Chocolate Petit Fours Ornament
Petit Fours Ornament (Chocolate)
Price: $18.00 
Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting
Cupcake Ornament (Vanilla)
Price: $10.00 
Chocolate dipped strawberry
Strawberry Ornament (Choc-Dipped)
Price: $10.00 
poppy flower ornament
Poppy Ornament (Red)
Price: $7.99 
romance novel ornament
Romance Book Ornament
Price: $5.99 
Tropical drink ornament
Tropical Drinks Ornament
Price: $12.00 
yellow Rose Ornament
Rose Ornament (Yellow)
Price: $10.00 
Wedding Boxer shorts
Just Married Boxers Ornament
Price: $10.00 

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