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Travel Ornaments

The wonder of travel. 
It happens when we step out 
of our comfort zone, reach out,
and experience a chance encounter.

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Japanese shoes
Baby Geta Ornament (Yellow)
Price: $10.00 
Cruise ornament
Bon Voyage ornament
Price: $30.00 
Day hike, backpacking, bushwhacking
Hiking Ornament
Price: $5.00 
Hawaiian dancing
Hula Girl Ornament (Orange)
Price: $15.00 
Board Shorts Ornament
Jams Ornament (Surf Dude)
Price: $6.00 
Fleur de Lis pattern
Luggage Ornament (Fleur de Lis)
Price: $25.00 
Oregon History
Luggage Ornament (Oregon)
Price: $25.00 
hawaii ornament
Maui Ornament
Price: $10.00 
Santa's Got Mail (Alaksa)
Santa's Got Mail Ornament (Alaska)
Price: $25.00 
seal ornament
Seal Baby Ornament
Price: $5.99 
Snow PERSON (Southwest) ornament
Snow PERSON Ornament (Southwest)
Price: $18.00 
Fishing for Mahi Mahi
Tee Shirt Ornament (Mahi Mahi)
Price: $6.00 
T-Shirt for surfing
Tee Shirt Ornament (Surfing)
Price: $6.00 
California history and lifestyle
Luggage Ornament (California)
Price: $25.00 
International travel suitcase
Luggage Ornament (International)
Price: $25.00 
Luggage Ornaments (Travel the USA)
Luggage Ornament (USA)
Price: $25.00 
Florida lifestyle and history
Luggage Ornament (Florida)
Price: $25.00 
Hawaii lifestyle and history
Luggage Ornament (Hawaii)
Price: $25.00 
Christmas Vacations
Christmas Luggage Ornament
Price: $25.00 
Japanese stamps decorating luggage
Luggage Ornament (Japan)
Price: $25.00 
Santa's Got Mail (Texas) ornament
Santa's Got Mail Ornament (Texas)
Price: $25.00 
San Fran ornament
San Francisco Heart (Peace)
Price: $48.00 
City by the Bay
San Francisco Ornament (City View)
Price: $20.00 
Scooter Ornament
Scooter Ornament
Price: $12.00 
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