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Drink Ornaments

The huge expansion of coffee shops and wineries
in our country over the last couple of decades
shows just how much we Americans appreciate sophisticated beverages.
Our Drink Ornaments celebrate these fine traditions.

champagne ornament
Champagne Ornament
Price: $15.00 
drinking chocolate
Hot Cocoa Ornament
Price: $17.00 
Martini Glass and Shaker ornament
Martini Shaker Ornament
Price: $15.00 
Tea ornament (Oolong)
Oolong Tea Ornament
Price: $11.00 
Chinese tea
Green Tea Bag Ornament
Price: $11.00 
breakfast tea bag
Black Tea Ornament
Price: $11.00 
Non-fat Latte
Christmas Latte Ornament (Holiday Blend)
Price: $10.00 
Tropical drink ornament
Tropical Drinks Ornament
Price: $12.00 
Cuppaccino Ornament (Sunset)
Cappuccino Ornament (Sunset)
Price: $7.99 
Wine Bottle Ornament Set
Wine Bottle Ornament Set
Price: $6.00 
Martini Book Ornament
Martini Book Ornament
Price: $10.00 

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