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Geta Ornaments (Fusion)

Geta Ornaments (Fusion)

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Geta Ornament (Fusion)

Let our geta ornament be your inspiration to take that (long-wished-for) trip to Japan.  
  • Handcrafted by EUROPEAN artisans.
  • An original design by Ornaments to Remember.
  • Our designs are presents made perfect. 
  • Geta ornament height: 3-1/2 inches. 

SKU: 25R2GET000
Price: $10.00 


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More Information on this Ornament

The Back Story

Outdoor Japanese footwear, Geta are characterized by an elevated wooden base that keeps feet dry during inclement weather.  The two supporting pieces (called teeth) below the baseboard create the “clack-clack” sound made when walked in.  Traditionally worn with kimonos, Geta are making a comeback in popularity after having been updated to be more comfortable and stylish.

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