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Palm Tree Ornament

Palm Tree Ornament

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Palm Tree Ornament

Our Palm Tree Ornament reminds one of a shady spot on a beautiful sandy beach.  Hear the ocean breeze as it wafts through the palm branches and escape again to the tropics.  The Palm Tree Ornaments are handcrafted and hand painted by European artisans.  A lovely way to remember your vacation hot spot. This ornament is gift boxed. Ornament height: 4 1/2 inches.  

SKU: 36R2PLM003
Price: $12.00 


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The Back Story

Depending on where one lives, it's called by different names: the beach, coast, shore, ocean, seaside, or paradise. The salty sea air beckons. We long to feel the warm sand between our toes. Our beach rituals are well established--collecting driftwood, shelling, building sandcastles, flying kites, sun tanning, swimming, or people watching. Like migrating birds, we return year after year to be renewed by the sun, sea and sand.

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