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Pyracantha Branch

Pyracantha Branch

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Pyracantha Branch Ornament

Beautiful as a hedge and a spiky deterrent to trespassers, the berries are bitter but can be edible in jellies.  Get your hands on a Pyracantha Branch in bold, vibrant colors--without the thorns--with our Pyracantha Branch Ornaments. Ornament height: 5 inches.

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SKU: 15B3PYR000
Price: $12.00 


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The Back Story

Showy white flowers in the early months of summer are followed by bright colored (orange, yellow, red) berries during the fall. Our feathered friends find the berries delectable during winter months. Most often pyracantha bushes are used for screens and hedges, but our blown-glass version is a clever way to bring the brilliant fall colors indoors.

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