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Harvest Pumpkin (Orange)

Harvest Pumpkin (Orange)

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Harvest Pumpkin Ornament (Orange)

Delightfully rotund, our Harvest Pumpkin ornament is! Finely-detailed with black branches and ravens. Edgar Allen Poe would be proud!
  • Handcrafted by EUROPEAN artisans.
  • An original decoration by Ornaments to Remember.
  • Adorned with a curly glass pumpkin vine.
  • Available in other colors.
  • Harvest Pumpkin ornament height: 4 inches
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SKU: 39B3PUH099
Price: $12.00 


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The Back Story

Pumpkins are the fruit of the Curcubita Pepo vine, usually orange in color. In Europe, a variety of edible winter squashes are also called pumpkins. The flesh of pumpkins is used to make pumpkin pies. Pumpkin seeds are often dried and roasted to create a delectable and healthy snack. Pumpkin can be a term of endearment for someone. And, pumpkin is another way of describing a strong orange coloration.

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