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Flying Pig Ornament

Flying Pig Ornament

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Flying Pig Ornament

If someone tells you no by saying "when pigs fly," take that as a personal challenge. Have courage and persevere because it turns out pigs do fly. One just needs our fabulous Fly Pig ornament. 
  • Handcrafted by EUROPEAN artisans.
  • An original decoration by Ornaments to Remember.
  • There' someone in your life who could use an encouraging word.
  • Flying Pig ornament height: 2-3/4 inches
  • 360° Video View
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SKU: 40B3PIG000
Price: $15.00 


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More Information on this Ornament

The Back Story

"When Pigs Fly," is an English idiom for indicating "something will never happen." The phrase describes something as being impossible. If we encourage people who hit a road block/brick wall/pigs-flying kind of situation, what they may need is an encouraging word.

Great accomplishments are rarely made alone. A well-timed word from a friend can encourage us to reach to new heights. It's often the support of others that helps us overcome tough times and move on--in some instances toward greatness. Inspire someone you know with an encouraging word.

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