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Taco Ornament

Taco Ornament

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Taco Ornament

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The blown-glass taco Christmas ornaments feature all of your favorite Mexican toppings and is 'divertido' (fun) for fiesta decorations. Crunchy, spicy, fresh, and hot--the taco is a combination of flavors that make it a junk food epicurean's delight. Ornament height: 3 inches.

SKU: 26R2TAC000
Price: $18.00 


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The Back Story

A certain "gringa" we know had the pleasure of being invited to a real Mexican barbecue. When her turn came to get her meat at the barbecue, she requested an "authentic taco." The man serving the meat looked at her very strangely, and then took a piece of steak off the grill, slapped it into a soft corn tortilla and said, "Here you go!" There were none of the typical American toppings--lettuce, sour cream, etc. Turns out "taco" can mean anything stuffed into a corn tortilla.

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