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Western Pendant Ornament (Cluster Work)

Western Pendant Ornament (Cluster Work)

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Western Pendant Ornament (Cluster Work)

This western cluster work pendant ornament features an intricately hand-painted turquoise on silver pattern. Our western Christmas ornaments make treasured gifts for country girls or cowboys, and go well with any western or southwest decor. The spirit of the west is captured in our Native American jewelry designs. Ornament height: 3 1/4 inches.

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SKU: 20R2PEN010
Price: $10.00 


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The Back Story

A Clusterwork design is created when a group of stones, each with its own setting are arranged in a geometric pattern. This is a classic example of Zuñi clusterwork where Zuñi artisans prefer to emphasize the turquoise settings over the silver.

Known for distinctive designs and incredible craftsmanship,  Native American artwork is said to reflect the inner being of the creator. Historically, Indian spirituality was communicated through dance, music, and sacred imagery. Today, some researchers contend the same spirituality is also communicated through the hands and minds of Native American artists. 

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