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Hot Dogs Ornament

Hot Dogs Ornament

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Hot Dogs Ornament

Required fare for ball parkers and right at home topped with chili. Hot dogs are classic fast food that some regard to be high cuisine. Our pair of dogs are nestled cozily in their buns and topped with ketchup, mustard and relish, the most popular toppings. 
  • Handcrafted by EUROPEAN artisans.
  • An original design by Ornaments to Remember.
  • When it comes to friends: Relish today. Ketchup tomorrow.
  • Remember those who are true hot dogs.
  • Ornament height: 3-1/2 inches.

SKU: 29R2DOG014
Price: $15.00 


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The Back Story

According to a recent issue of the Wall Street Journal, there are many “frank-finding detours” beckoning travelers. Classic hot dog haunts include Pink’s in Los Angeles (chili and cheese); Lucky Dogs (food carts shaped like, yes, hot dogs) in the French Quarter of New Orleans; The Weiner’s Circle in Chicago; Mel’s Hot Dogs in Tampa, FL; Nathan’s Famous in New York City; and The Hot Dog Hall of Fame, Rockford, MI.

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