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Red and gold Christmas Ball ornament

Red and gold Christmas Ball ornament

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Braided Knot Ornament (Gold)

The curves. The color. The difference. Finally, an upscale version of the classic glass ball ornament.
  • Handcrafted by EUROPEAN artisans.
  • An original design by Ornaments to Remember
  • A new look for your mantle, stair railing, wreaths.
  • Available in other colors.
  • Braided Knot ornament height: 3-1/2 inches.

SKU: 25R2KNT013
Price: $5.00 


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More Information on this Ornament

The Back Story

The Chinese Braided Knot is part of a long tradition of Chinese weaving. Originally created for practical purposes, these knots have been used by the Chinese people as ornamentation since the Han Dynasty. Although knot patterns can look quite elaborate and complicated, they are created using basic knot-tying techniques.  "Knot" in Chinese symbolizes reunion, warmth, friendliness, marriage, etc., so the Chinese Braided Knot has come to be the symbol of reunion, luck, harmony, and love. These hand-crafted creations are given to friends and family during the Lunar New Year.

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