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Raspberry Ornament

Raspberry Ornament

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Raspberry Ornament

This raspberry Christmas ornament makes a lovely addition to your summer table centerpiece. Treat your eyes to our yummy  blown-glass raspberry ornaments and skip the juice-stained fingers.  Our other fruit ornaments make tasteful gifts, too. Ornament height: 3 inches.

Our Raspberry ornament is SOLD OUT!

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SKU: 29R2RAS003
Price: $15.00 


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More Information on this Ornament

The Back Story

The evidence is apparent: pinkish-red mouths and fingers can mean only one thing: raspberry season has arrived. Are you the purist who only eats raspberries fresh and unembellished? Or, do you prefer these plump little gems in a pie, cobbler, betty, buckle, crisp, or pandowdy? High in fiber and antioxidants, we don't need nutritionists to tell us they're scrumptious!

A lady came in to ORNAMENTS TO REMEMBER, went right for the raspberry ornament, and said it was just what she wanted. She said her adult son had worked all summer picking raspberries for her. She thought this was the PERFECT ornament for him as he stated this was the last time he was ever picking berries!

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