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Golf Bag Ornament

Golf Bag Ornament

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Golf Bag Ornament

This golf bag Christmas ornament might be your next gift-giving hole-in-one. They say the couple that plays golf together stays together. So give your significant aspiring golf pro other this reminder of your good times together on the green. Our blown-glass ornaments are hand-crafted in Europe. Ornament height: 3 inches.

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The Back Story

It is generally agreed that the Scots were the first to become passionate about golf; however, who actually invented the rules of the game is open to debate. We know that golf has existed for at least 500 years.

In 1457, James II of Scotland banned both golf and football by Act of Parliament, declaring that the sports interfered too greatly with military archery practice.

Initially played with pebbles, sticks and rabbit holes, players soon tired of hitting little rounded stones and tried other things. Over the years the game evolved until, in 1750, it became the well-loved sport we recognize today.

Players enjoy golf for the sheer fun of the game, but equally compelling is time spent with business contacts, or having fun with family and friends. With so many reasons to enjoy the sport, it is no wonder that people of all ages, genders, races, and economic backgrounds love to spend time on the green.

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