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Hula Girl Ornament (Purple)

Hula Girl Ornament (Purple)

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Hula Girl Ornament (Purple)

This purple hula girl Christmas ornament, dressed in a beautiful holoku gown, reflects Kauai's adopted color (purple), and flower (Mokihana). Collect all four of these lovely Hawaiian hula wahine ornaments. Ornament height: 6 3/4 inches.

This ornament is SOLD OUT.

Price: $12.00 


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The Back Story


The origins of hula are cloaked in legend.  Deep with tradition, the hula is an art used to translate Hawaiian history, mythology, and culture.  One legend describes the adventures of Hi'iaka, who danced to sooth her fiery sibling, the volcano goddess Pele. This epic provides the basis for many current-day dances. 

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