You want every room in your home to have color and style, but alcoves, small rooms, and other unique spaces are often a real challenge to decorate.

Because ornaments are small, we’re used to planning photo shoots for small spaces and have found ways to decorate with ornaments in these areas–without too much ado. Take your cue from these photos.

Shelving: Make sure your ornament arrangments have dimension by adding stands, boxes, frames, or other objects you can put ornaments in and on, as we did with the movie ornament arrangement.

Bathrooms: There’s no rule that states this room has to be conservative. However, since space is at a premium, it’s a good idea to combine function and form, at least some of the time. Our soap and Hawaiian ornament display is an example of this.

Mudrooms: Mud doesn’t have to be your theme! Bring the outside in with garden ornaments. Pots, tools, dried legumes, and our Italian Bean ornaments combine for an outdoorsy display that’s right at home in this area.

On the hook: Maximize space by taking advantage of the ornament caps–string on ribbons or twine, alone or in groups.