Leave the ordinary every day behind and visit somewhere new.
Exploring Florida may be the start of a new beginning.
One of our Floridian-inspired designs decoration will remind you of your sun-drenched journey.

Florida Beaches Ornament

Florida: Find your Beach. Share the stories of your jaunt through south Florida–seeking the perfect plot of sand. Where was your favorite? South Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, or Key West? 

Florida Sightseeing Ornament

Our Florida road sign ornament has something to say: You’ve been there (NASA, Orlando, beaches) and done that.

 Florida Hammock Ornament

Escape the daily grind and spend a lazy afternoon napping in a hammock along the Florida coast. Our hand-painted, blown-glass Florida Christmas ornaments are unique reminders of your relaxing vacations, and they make lovely Florida souvenirs.  Ornament diameter: 4 inches. 

State of Florida Ornament

All things officially Florida: Panther, Atlantic sailfish, and Palmettos. Unofficially, be prepared to see tons of oranges, lots of flamingos, manatees, porpoises, but (hopefully no) alligators.

Luggage Ornament (Florida)

A promise of adventure and discovery, each Florida Luggage ornament is trimmed with vintage postage stamps. Our suitcase provides a look at the lifestyle and history of the Sunshine State.

The Back Story Of Florida Christmas Decorations

Pack your bags and hit the road. Florida, here we come!  Tropical breezes and year-round warmth makes Florida an ideal destination for any season. From hip to historical, the sights and sounds of Florida will awaken your senses.

Heading to Florida? Plan on staying for at least a week or two. Don’t miss the Kennedy Space Center; be sure to look amazing sand sculptures on top-voted beaches such as Siesta Key or Key Biscayne; and, visit exciting Orlando attractions such as Disney World and Sea World Busch Gardens.