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Reindeer Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Decorating with Ornaments


For the ornament collector, this time of year is sheer joy!  Some of your favorite collectibles have been tucked away safely in storage, just waiting for the season when they'll be lovingly unpacked, a story about them will be told, and they'll be hung on tree.  Consider a tree designed around a theme: tropical, garden, winter wonderland, western, etc.  Or try something a bit edgier--mixology or fashion, perhaps.

Don't stop there!  There are so many more wonderful things you can do with Christmas ornaments in your holiday decorating. There are also many more wonderful ways to enjoy your collection and spread the feeling of cheer and good memories all around your home.

Begin by looking at alcoves and unique spaces.  Bathrooms (really!), laundry rooms, book shelves, and the space above your kitchen cupboards are all places you can cleverly use ornaments to create holiday style.

Then, spread Christmas food ornaments out of the kitchen to tables, entry areas, and on small stands, judiciously mixed in with real goodies, to surprise and delight guests.

If you're looking for Christmas decorating timesavers, ornaments are a great way to get maximum impact with minimum effort. Their festive colors, elegant appearance and charming themes make them ideal centerpieces in displays, either singly or when grouped.

Family heirlooms or objects you've picked up over the year work really well as backdrops for color or texture for your ornament displays.  These found objects, because they're regularly used elsewhere, find new life and add a certain "patina" to your decor.

A Christmas decorating idea popular with many of our collectors is to hang ornaments on ribbons in frames, or to place them in shadowboxes.

Sarah Stanley notes, "When it comes to holiday decorating, show your personality. It’s your home, your style, your life. Holiday décor should follow your playbook and not that of (the nonexistent) holiday decorating police. Experiment and put together things that have meaning. If it feels right, if you love it—then it’s right."

Tropical Christmas Ornaments
Mouse Christmas Ornaments
Santa Christmas Ornaments

We express special appreciation to Debi Staron, author of CHRISTMAS STYLE, for providing us with inspirations. Her book is the seminal book for holiday decorating.


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