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Christmas Ornaments - Decorating with Found Objects


Found objects are previously used items that have been rescued and repurposed for decorating or art.  Decorate using found objects--things you already have.  Move a potted tree indoors for a festive look.  Add lights, ribbons, and ornaments to your favorite things (or even you).

We frequently pair our Christmas ornaments with found objects.  The result: displays with impact and depth that connect emotionally with the viewer. 

Since so much of Christmas is about memories and tradition, found objects are a natural for holiday decorating.  Often, they become a statement piece you choose to feature in or near your tree as a focal point or specialty decoration.  Some found objects can stand alone as tabletop decorations, but also work well in trees, wreaths, or garlands.

You can have a grouping of related pieces, like a collection of carnival masks, as the main statement pieces, supported by smaller, related objects and Theater Mask ornaments. Just make sure that your found objects are bright, colorful, or eye-catching. 

Then venture out to garage sales, drive through neighborhoods on trash days, or visit resale stores. Any of these found objects can easily be incorporated into your Christmas decorations:

-Toys or dolls
-Smaller pieces of furniture that show real character
-Dog or cat toys and treats
-Vintage kitchen items
-Framed pieces of art
-Fashion pieces
-Gardening tools

When placing pieces onto the tree, place them deep enough that they'll be fully supported, avoid placing very large or heavy pieces near the top of the tree, and try to avoid placing anything on the bottommost branches, or the tree will look unbalanced. 

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