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Christmas Marionette Ornaments

Decorating Alcoves and Spaces with Christmas Ornaments


Although decorating Christmas trees has become a spectacular art form, there are many ways to decorate your home for the holidays without including the traditional Christmas tree.  Not everyone has the time, money, energy, or access to beautiful, fresh-cut trees.

Here are a few ideas to festoon your living space.  Not having a tree is a time and space-saver. And, it's very possible holiday guests won't notice you're tree-less.

Christmas Ornaments in Alcoves and Shelves

What was once a telephone nook, a window bench, or a quirky space left-over from your most recent remodel can become a focal point for creating your holiday style.

Using a traditional approach, outline the space with garland, ribbon, and Christmas ornaments. Add lights to create the special glow.  Incorporate real pine branches into your artificial garland to provide the fresh scent so many people love.  Add a table, covered with festive fabric, and pile up wrapped gifts.  For additional sparkle, tie ornaments to the ribbons on your packages.

Ornaments in Unusual Spaces

Be inventive.  Bring your mudroom (laundry area) to life surrounding laundry hooks with vintage lights and hanging ornaments, using ribbons, from hooks.

Unusual spaces, such as a guest bathroom, invite alternative style. Use bath scrubbies as flowery ornaments. How about a hot pink tree with glass "soap bubbles?" Crystals and candles give an ordinary bathroom countertop a chance to sparkle.

Ornaments on Mantels

Many people decorate their hearths for the holidays.  After all, it's where Santa makes his grand entrance and should therefore be welcoming.  Use a mirror or piece of art as a backdrop, attach swags or garland, add lights for twinkle, and ribbons for flair.  Hang Christmas ornaments from the garland, or nest in cozy places in the swag.  Add taller candlesticks, figurines, branches, found objects or other items to creat height and dimension.  Finally, hang your stockings.

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