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Decorating with ornaments and ribbons

Christmas Decorating with Ornaments and Ribbons

Ornaments tied in frames with ribbons

The great variety of textures and colors, paired with their utilitarian use, makes ribbons a delightful complement to decorating with ornaments.

We frequently use these three methods for displaying our ornaments in shows, for photo shoots, and in our own homes:

  1. Tied in frames, such as we did to the left with our Christmas ornaments. Select a frame that pairs nicely with the ornament you want to display. If the frame is too large, consider tying two or more ornaments to it, and drop them at different heights. Then choose a ribbon that matches with the frame and ornament, and tie it to both, adjusting until the ornament is at just the height you want.
  2. Tied on objects. Candelabras, guard rails on stairs, chandeliers...these are just a few of the places you can tie ornaments with ribbons for a gorgeous display.
  3. Tied on gifts. Ornaments may be the ultimate gift wrapping accent. Tie one on using a big bow. The possibilities are endless (movie, dog, and fashion oraments are popular) and the best part may be that the recipient gets two gifts in one!
Clapboard ornament tied with ribbon
Beagle Ornament tied with ribbon
Santa Suit Ornament tied with ribbon Santa Boot Ornament tied with Ribbon
Cross ornament tied with ribbon Stuffed Shirt Ornament tied with ribbon

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