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Decorating with Ornaments - Framing Christmas Ornaments


Use architectural or decor elements to frame your Christmas ornaments and arrangments.  Framing adds impact, groups decorations into parts of a whole, and directs the eye so that the flow, or progression, through a room makes sense.

During the Christmas season, you'll typically want to use framing to lead your guests into the area you want them to gather.  Often, this is the living space where you've placed your tree.  Make use of a doorway, mirror, stairway or window to highlight the tree.  Use ribbon, greenery, lights, or fabric, decorated with Christmas ornaments, to accentuate the frame and create a visual cue.  Other areas, such as the dining room, can draw attention in the same way.

The width of your frame and weight of the items you use in it should echo the style of the room and your decor.  Darker colors and heavier furniture require wider frames, larger bows, and bigger focal objects or ornaments.  Victorian and Traditional themes are examples of these.  A Minimalist or Modern style might require a lighter hand.

This method is also effectively used in miniature, with smaller arrangements throughout your home.  Picture frames, shadowboxes, window frames, mirrors, knick-knack shelves and wooden boxes are all cleverly utilized when ornaments are strung on ribbons or set inside.

Hang traditional Christmas ornaments in gold frames and tie with red ribbons.  Cross ornaments fit perfectly in a wood frame that is reminiscent of a stained glass window in a church.  Use the style and color of an ornament to suggest an appropriate frame.  Make sure the number of ornaments you choose fill the space.  Groupings often make the most impact.


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