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Pinapple Ornament Arrangement

Making Wreaths and Boughs

Tips for Making Unique Christmas Wreaths with OrnamentsOrnament Christmas Wreaths

Love making Christmas wreaths but are tired of the same old greens and ribbon?  Create an imaginative, personal, and impressive wreath with ornaments. Ornaments allow you to create a one-of-a-kind wreath designed around your favorite theme.

Tips for Making Themed Christmas Wreaths

  1. Choose a theme.  Ornament wreath themes that we've found to be fun: garden ornaments, style or fashion ornaments, dog ornaments and tropical wreaths.

  2. Select your favorite ornaments to match your theme. 

  3. Then use a hot glue gun to glue your ornaments on a Styrofoam wreath form.  (We recommend practicing the spacing of your ornaments before you glue them.)

  4. After the ornaments are in place, add "greenery" that goes with your theme.  A fashion themed wreath looks stylish with your favorite plaid or paisley fabric.  Palm fronds are a great background for tropical ornaments. 

  5. After the ornaments are in place, use a glue gun and a pointed object (like a pencil) to poke your greenery and ribbon into the empty spaces between the ornaments.

Tips for Making Christmas Boughs with Ornaments

Make your mantle more festive and elegant by adding multiple elements to that tired old swag of boughs.  Here are a few tips for making Christmas boughs with ornaments:

  1. Choose your favorites from a collection of decorative mirrors, Christmas tree toppers, candlestick holders, ornaments, silk ribbon and greenery.  When choosing, try to find a common theme or color.

  2. Begin the arrangement by adding a few mirrors of different shapes and sizes to the background.  (You can either rest mirrors on the top of the mantle against the wall or hang them.)  Mirrors reflect light and create dimension.

  3. Next, drape your favorite greenery over the top of the mantle in front of the mirrors.

  4. Weave wired silk ribbon in and out of the greenery branches, with a bow in the center.

  5. Hang the themed ornaments you've selected evenly throughout the branches.

  6. Place as many tree-toppers as you like (we recommend an odd number, with one of them centered) in candle holders of different heights, and space them out across the mantle.

You'll see a magnificent reflection of your display in the mirrors--doubling its festive effect.

Ornament Christmas Wreath Examples

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