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Decorating Entry Areas with Ornaments



Your home says a lot about you--it is, afterall, where you keep the physical things that are most important to you and likely where you spend most of your time when you're not at work or doing other things.

If you enjoy entertaining, one of the things you want your home to say is "Welcome!" ORNAMENTS TO REMEMBER go a long way towards helping you do this because they're fun, spark conversations ("Oh! I loved Florida! When were you there?"), and help make your home warm and attractive.

Share your enthusiasm for the places you've visited by putting your souvenirs on display in the hall.  Place a group of Florida, Hawaii, or Mexican ornaments that you purchased to remember your trip in large, clear jars or vases. A piece of art from the area is the perfect backdrop.

Sparsely decorated rooms often feel cold and uninviting--especially if the walls are painted white.  A decorating rule-of-thumb is to choose furnishings and pieces of art that are properly scaled for the size of the room.  Corners are a great place to add decor items that may serve more form than function.  Something as simple as a pedestal with a flower ornament arrangment can add warmth and welcome.

Whether you're hosting an intimate wine and cheese party, or a large holiday feast, woo your guests as much with the visual splendor of what you've prepared as by the aromas and flavors. As guests enter, whet their appetites for the meal you'll share together by displaying a large fruit bowl, with a few fruit ornaments thrown in for fun. For more tips on mixing up food and food ornaments, see Decorating Your Table.

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