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Decorating Your Table with Ornaments



Foodies often find as much joy in artistically presenting their meal as they do in crafting the flavors and textures of it. If you want your guests to get the taste of your feast long before it's in their mouth, then a creative and festive table is what you need.

ORNAMENTS TO REMEMBER are superb additions to your table:

Use ornaments in your centerpiece.

Taco, Sombrero and Poncho ornaments, mixed in with peppers, candles, and a latin tablecloth, make a hot table arrangement. Turn on some sizzling music, and have a spicy fiesta!

Add them to place settings.

Having a country BBQ? Adorn your guests' settings with some Jean ornaments, and tie the napkins with Chili ornaments. Send them home with the ornaments as party favors.

Place them on serving trays with the real food they represent.

The Japanese are known for making everyday meals a piece of art. Here, we mix art with food. If you use this tactic, keep a close eye on guests. They might just pick up our Inside Out or Tamoe Maki Sushi ornaments and try to eat them. Again, these can also go home as party gifts.

Tasty Toppings

Top a cake with a delectable ornament for a sweet finish. From Electric Guitar ornaments for teens to Wedding Gown and Tux Ornaments for a wedding cake, our ornaments fit with your tasty theme. Tie an ornament on the gift as well for double the ornamental fun.

 Taco Ornaments
 Sushi Ornaments
 Jean Jacket Ornaments
 Chocolate Cake Ornaments



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