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Santa Ornament Gift Wrap

Creative Gift Wrapping IdeasOraments Used to Tie Gift Wrap

Tired of the old hum-drum way of wrapping presents?  Love the anticipation of seeing loved ones open your gifts but dislike how quickly it fades?  How about adding a gift to your gift wrap?  Blown glass ornaments handcrafted by European artisans are a terrific way to embellish your gifts so that they look gorgeous and give the receiver a lasting memory of the anticipation of opening your gift.


Begin with the WrapPoppy Ornament Used as Gift Wrap Tie

If you’re looking for creative gift wrapping, go beyond the traditional roll of paper.  Consider fabrics that can be saved and reused such as velvet, silk or a colorful print.  Or, choose from a variety of handmade papers available at your local craft store or check out a book at the library and learn how to make your own. Other gift wrap ideas: old fashioned brown paper, the funnies section of your Sunday paper, or colorful cellophane.  For that junk food junkie, consider wrapping their present using hamburger wrappers from their favorite burger joint; or use the stock report to wrap a gift for your favorite investor.

The TieExamples of Ornaments Used as Gift Wrap Ties

Again, go beyond the traditional bows or curling ribbon.  Anything that can be cut into strips or tied could be used.  Ideas:

  • Braided or twisted yarn, fabric, rope or string

  • Cords or fine metal chains

  • Fresh or silk vines

  • Recycled plastic shopping bags for the environmentalist on your list

  • Or, go really crazy with wires or cords for an electrician or fishing line for a fisherman.  How about a man’s tie for a businessman? 

The OrnamentSanta Ornaments

Of course, you could choose a traditional Christmas ornament such as a Santa or Snowman Ornament, but if you’re trying to come up with the ideal I-get-you gift wrap for the perfect I-get-you gift, why not choose an ornament that reflects the recipient’s hobbies or passions?

Blown glass ornaments perfectly crown your I-Get-You creative gift wrapping ideas.

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