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Making Blown Glass Ornaments


 Glass Blowing:
A Step-by-Step Process

Each ornament is hand-crafted
using centuries old
glass-blowing techniques.
It takes several days to complete
the step-by-step process
that creates
Ornaments To Remember.

Glass Ornament Blowing: The Process

An Ancient Technique

Every Christmas ornament and hobby ornament Ornaments To Remember sells is handcrafted using glass ornament blowing techniques that are centuries old.  It takes several days to complete the process that creates a treasured Ornament To Remember.

Step One: Over an Open Flame Melting Glass for Ornaments

The process begins with European craftsmen heating a small hollow bulb of glass over an open flame until it is red hot.






Step Two: Glass Ornament Blowing Blowing Molten Glass into Ornament Mold

While the molten glass bulb is still hot and pliable, the glass blower places it into a mold and blows through a connected tube until the glass takes on the shape of the mold.






Step Three: Ornament SilveringThe Process of Silvering Ornaments

After the Christmas ornament cools, it is silvered using a combination of: 

  • Silver nitrate
  • Ammonia
  • Distilled water 
  • Saltpeter
  • Sugar




Step Four: LacquerLacquering Ornaments

The next day, the Christmas ornament is dipped in a base coat of lacquer.






Step Five: Hand Painted OrnamentsHandpainting Ornaments

Once the lacquer has dried, our artisans hand paint each ornament. Color lacquer is applied individually, layer by layer, according to the specific design. Glitter and special coatings, if necessary, are then added.





Step Six: Ornament CapsAdding Ornament Caps

The stem that remains from the glass blowing process is cut off and the ornament cap is put on.



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