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It is our hope that knowing
a little more about the origins
of your beautiful
blown-glass ornaments
will add to your appreciation of them.
Some may eventually
be passed down in your family
for generations to come.

The History of Christmas Ornaments

There are many versions of how Christmas ornaments originated, but the most widely accepted notion attributes their creation to Martin Luther.  Legend has it that Luther was strolling through a forest one Christmas Eve and was so enchanted by the beauty of starlight twinkling on snowy fir trees that he brought a small tree indoors and decorated it with candles.  It is said that he believed such a tree would remind his children of God's glorious creation and the promise of the Christmas Star.

Decorating Christmas Trees - A Popular Tradition

The custom of decorating an evergreen tree for Christmas quickly spread throughout Europe and families decorated their trees with fruits, nuts, sweets and paper creations. As the idea began to grow in popularity, other handmade decorations were added.

The Birth of Mouth Blown Glass Ornaments

In the 1800's, the Muller-Greiner glassworks began making glass ornaments in familiar shapes. These new mouth-blown ornaments became so popular that they were soon found across Europe and Great Britain. In 1846, a newspaper image showed Queen Victoria's Christmas tree to be completely decorated with glass ornaments from Germany.

Vintage Blown Glass Ornaments

Glass Ornaments through History

  • 1800's--European immigrants brought the Christmas tree tradition to the U.S.
  • 1880's--F.W. Woolworth discovered German glass ornaments and began the multimillion dollar business of importing them to the States.
  • WWII--Due to shortages of materials needed to support war efforts, many ornaments were not "silvered" inside, and the ornament caps and wires, usually made of metal and wire, were instead made of paper and string.
  • After WWII--Lauscha residents fleeing East Germany brought glass ornament molds that had been in their families for generations with them to the West German town of Neustadt.  While many of the molds were destroyed after the war, some were later discovered intact.

Family Heirlooms

Once people are familiar with Christmas ornaments and their tradition over the centuries, they value them even more.  Just as the families from Lauscha treasured and protected their ornament molds, we hope Ornaments To Remember will be treasured and cared for by your family for decades.

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