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Travel Ornaments

Ornament Gift Ideas Say, "Explore Your Options!"

Life comes at us fast. And if we're not careful, it can sweep us along the path of least resistance--far from our goals and true happiness.

Use ORNAMENTS TO REMEMBER to send a message to someone you care about to pause and explore their options. How?

Open a Business

There's much to be said about doing what you love and reaping the profits of your own hard work. However, running your own business can be immensely challenging. For the loved one in your life that has a great idea, send them the Beckoning Cat ornament and a note to explore their entrepreneurial spirit. The Beckoning Cat is said to wave in customers and prosperity.

Feed Your Soul

Food feeds the body, but for musicians, it's music that feeds the soul. Gift the Fiddle Ornament along with a list of music success stories. Many talented musicians have beat the odds and made a life out of doing what they love best.

Hit the Road

Knowing what options are out there is difficult without going into unfamiliar territory. Travelling the country or the world exposes one to how other people live, and may help the one you care about find their passion. Send a Motorcycle ornament as a way of encouraging your explorer.

Hit the Books

We believe one of the best ways to find out what you're good at and how you can make a living doing it is to hit the least for a term. A career exploration class is a great way to discover your options, and yourself. Send the Reading Pig ornament along with tuition for this class to inspire your seeker.

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