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Anniversary Ornaments

Ornament Gift Ideas for Anniversaries

At times, marriages are something you have to fight for with all you’ve got.  Other times, they come as easy as the sunset.  For these times and all the other times in between that keep a marriage together and growing in love, friendship, encouragement, and passion, we celebrate wedding anniversaries.

Where do ornaments come in?  Our ornaments are created to serve as visual and lasting reminders of those treasured moments in life.  They are a way to say, “I remember that day we spent together,” or, “I’ll never forget our trip…”  Sometimes, they are a celebration of the everyday things we do with one another that keep us close when the chaos of life seems to be pulling us apart.

Anniversary Ornaments

All of our ornaments are mouth-blown in Europe, are hand painted, and support our passion,, a nonprofit parenting website made possible by yours and others’ ornament purchases.  Here are some ornament gift ideas for anniversaries to get you started:

Chocolate Truffle Ornaments

Chocolate triggers the same chemicals in our brains as falling in love.  Share a box of chocolates on your anniversary and fall in love all over again. 

See The USA Travel Ornaments

Feel the wind in your hair, the sun on your skin, and the road falling away beneath you as you remember, or look forward to, a trip to See the USA with this travel ornament.

Square Diamond Ornaments in Gift Box

Give the gift of diamonds with our Diamond Anniversary Ornament. Painstakingly handcrafted in Europe with sparkling precision.

Florida Ornaments

Relive your honeymoon in Florida with its white sand beaches, tropical breezes, and sizzling culture.  The Florida Road Sign Ornament takes you back or announces an upcoming anniversary vacation.


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