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Ornament Gift Ideas for Birthdays

Do away with the "same 'ol" birthday gifts

If you're tired of giving the "same 'ol, same 'ol" birthday gifts, we're here to offer a gift givers' foolproof formula.  Here's how it works:

  • Identify the recipient's passion: (grilling, skiing, traveling, bowling, dogs, gardening, etc.)
  • Purchase one related Ornament To Remember
  • Gift the birthday ornament with a certificate for the fave activity or object needed to engage in said passion

Result: delighted birthday guy or gal that will now desire to one-up you when your birthday rolls around.

Why the birthday ornament formula works...

People like to know that you know what they love.  It shows you're paying attention.  When an Ornament To Remember accompanies the actual gift, you're not just giving them a second present, you're helping families through the recipient's behalf.

Here are some examples of our winning formula:

BBQ Grill Ornaments

Get your Grill On. This year, give your favorite chef something to get fired up about. Pair our BBQ Grill ornament with a fittingly humorous grilling apron and matching mitts.

What you call "oldies" they call "classics."  No matter, it all sounds bona-fide when it's playing on a jukebox.  Tuck this mouth-blown Jukebox Ornament into a box of rare vinyl and leave the dancing to them!

Bird Nest Ornaments

For some, finding an uncommon bird species is better than searching for buried treasure.  If your birthday buddy has birds on the brain, the latest edition of a birdwatching bible will fit nicely with our Bird Nest Ornament in a gift basket cleverly disguised as a nest.


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