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Music ornaments for inspiration

Ornament Gift Ideas for Inspiration

Pizza Slice Ornament

Inspiration Needed?

Life throws us all types of roadblocks.  They interfere with our creativity, motivation and perserverance.  When a friend or loved one is floundering, what often helps most is a bit of encouragement and inspiration from someone close.

Celtic Cross Ornament
English Riding Saddle Ornament

ORNAMENTS TO REMEMBER, in the shape of a dream accomplishment, represent your faith in a loved one's ability to succeed, despite obstacles.  Given in person or unwrapped thousands of miles away, they are a physical manifestation of your wish for their success.

Baby Ducky Ornament
Chinoiserie Cherry Blossom Ornament A Pizza Ornament tells a brother you believe in his dream of opening a pizza shop.  An English Riding Saddle Ornament shows a friend that you know they'll reach their riding goals. And a Cross Ornament refers a beloved niece to a higher power for direction and vision. Violin Fiddle Ornament
Grape Bunch Ornament

Who can you inspire?

  • An oenophile that dreams of becoming a vitner.
  • A student that wants to travel the globe.
  • A friend that lives for music.
  • A teacher that longs to open her own Montessori preschool.
World Globe Ornament


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