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Say Thank You with Ornaments

Thank You Electric Guitar Ornament
Thank You Teacher Reading Pig Ornament
Thank You Pastor Cross Ornament
Thank You Coach Baseball Shorts Ornament
Thank You Chef Ornament

How often do those in our lives feel appreciated? They give time and effort, share knowledge and encouragement, teach us skills and impart wisdom, and do the menial daily tasks that make our lives easier. These gifts come from a place of love. 

A thank you ornament from ORNAMENTS TO REMEMBER conveys your thoughts of appreciation while also showing, "spot on," that you know what is important to them.

Thank a beloved teacher with a School Bus or Reading Pig Ornament.  Let Coach know those hot days out on the field have made a huge difference with Sport Shorts Ornaments.  Tell your Pastor or Clergyman that he/she takes good care of the flock with a Cross Ornament.  Indicate that you know your mother's cooking equals love with a Chef Ornament.

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